Portfolio: EDI from scratch

Full deployment of EDI at a large retail network



Swiss branch of a large retail chain.


Situation before starting the project:

  • very slow and limited deployment of EDI: after 3 years, only 5 suppliers were deployed to EDI,
  • several failed attempts to create an internal job position in charge of EDI deployment,
  • EDI provider unable to help with organizational support.



  • 50 suppliers deployed to EDI during the first 12 months,
  • 4 types of electronic documents (purchase order, order confirmation, delivery note, invoice),
  • total 150 suppliers deployed in EDI (380 data flows),
  • 90% of purchase order’s lines are sent by EDI,
  • 75% of delivery notes and commercial invoices are received by EDI.


Work done by our team:

  • quick implementation of EDI purchase order for the largest suppliers,
  • help with adaptation of the ERP system to enable reception of inbound EDI documents: functional specifications, supervision of software development, tests and go-live support,
  • employees training: purchasing department, accounting and warehouses,
  • coordination of all activities related to EDI: internal teams, service providers and business partners (business and IT departments, external subcontractors),
  • coordination with over 30 EDI service providers from all over Europe.


Success stories: