Portfolio: EDI system migration

Simultaneous migration of the ERP system and EDI service provider



Roll-out of an entirely new IT system to replace a legacy ERP system, coupled with a transition to a new EDI platform, following the company’s acquisition.



  • adaptation of a new ERP and WMS system to support the existing EDI documents,
  • progressive replacement of IT systems, store by store, during a year-long migration, with parallel operation of two systems,
  • requirement to set up new EDI connections for all suppliers.



  • a new IT system that fully supports EDI from day one,
  • over 100 business partners migrated one-by-one to new EDI platform, without interruption in business activity.


Work done by our team:

  • supervision and tests of the development in the new ERP system,
  • contract negotiations with the EDI provider,
  • development of internal software allowing progressive migration,
  • tests of new EDI connections, go-live and control of first exchanged documents.


Success stories: