Portfolio: new EDI flow

Introduction of a new type of EDI document: purchase orders confirmation


Project’s objective:

  • improve the reliability of delivery dates,
  • eliminate manual data entry,
  • detect price differences on early stage (in advance of invoicing),
  • indirectly: reduce stock levels.



  • the ERP system does not have the functionality of purchase order confirmations,
  • the processes of PO acceptance and confirmation vary from one supplier to another.



  • delivery date reliability improved by 20%,
  • price differences are checked immediately after placing the order, which eliminates many times greater work at the invoice approval stage,
  • suppliers are fostered to improve their organization - improvement of a general quality of cooperation.


Work done by our team:

  • project management,
  • specification of changes in the ERP system (data integration and user interface),
  • acceptance of development works and tests,
  • employees training and post go-live support,
  • support for business partners during implementation,
  • creation of suppliers’ quality dashboard (on-time delivery indicators).


Success stories: