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We will accelerate your entry into Electronic Data Interchange

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Electronic Data Interchange in retail and distribution in Europe usually is done with EDIFACT documents. It is quite an old but still very common standard, requiring a steep learning curve: lots of specific terms, many variants of standards, implicit practices, incomprehensible specifications. That’s why developers don’t like it.

We will help your IT team to create an interface for exchange of business data with commercial partners, based on EDI best practices.


How to adapt ERP system for EDI support?

New EDI project requires 4 steps:

  • choose the right strategy: use a SaaS EDI provider or a self-managed EDI software,
  • adapt existing IT systems: specify the changes required to send/receive the data in the ERP system,
  • specify the interfaces: prepare data imports/exports and the mappings to EDIFACT documents,
  • test the entire solution.

We can help you on every stage of your project. We are not affiliated with any EDI provider, so we will select a solution truly adapted to your particular needs.


EDI software setup: translator, AS2 connection

In case you decide to use a self managed EDI, we can help you to setup a complete environment for exchange of EDI documents:

  • AS2 communication server,
  • translation software.


Free consultation

If you’re not sure, how to organize your project, book a free consultation.


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