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We are enabling back-office automation based on a high quality of data exchanged with your commercial partners, by managing both technical and business aspects of your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and B2B integration platforms.


Setup of EDI with your partners, from A to Z.

We’ve implemented an exchange of four types of electronic documents with 150 partners.

Accelerate digital transformation of your business.


Maintenance oriented on data quality.

We supervise the flow of almost 300.000 electronic documents per year.

Improve performance of your business.

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Solve your issues with EDI.

Audit, business process automation, dashboards, new intallations, migrations and more.

Use our experience.

Knowledge Base

EDI specialists sometimes use jargon that is difficult to understand. We share our knowledge of technical and business topics related to B2B e-documents exchange using simple language. Read our featured articles.

From Streamlined Processes to Strategic Advantage

Not every EDI implementation will bring the same financial benefits. What strategies can be employed to maximize the return of investment?

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How to implement EDI?

How to implement Electronic Data Interchange in your organisation - practical information for those without any previous experience.

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Don't Implement e-Invoices This Way

One large company decided to implement electronic invoicing. The project was entrusted to the IT department, with the participation of accounting department…

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What is EDI?

In our practice, we often encounter a misunderstanding of what EDI is. In this article, I explain in simple language what EDI is all about and what benefits its implementation should bring.

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