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Setup of EDI with your partners, from A to Z.


Let us connect your commercial partners to your existing EDI/B2B integration platform.

All we need is a business contact from your partner. We will take care of the rest. Our team will act on behalf of your company and manage all technical and business aspects. By taking an individual approach, adapted to each of your partners, we are always able to obtain the same result: fluid data exchange allowing automation and faster business cycles.


Types of EDI onboarding projects

We’re managing various types of B2B data integration projects:

  • Connection with a new partner (with or without previous experience with EDI).
  • New electronic document in an existing connection.
  • Modification in the content of an existing electronic document.
  • Migration of partners between different EDI providers.


Project Framework Adapted to Each Partner

Every company has a specific organization and different IT systems. While there are some common project elements, we always adapt our actions to your partner’s particular situation for quicker and better results.

Typical project phases are shown in the illustration below.


EDI Onboarding Project Framework


Effective coordination

An EDI project involves collaboration among individuals from multiple departments and companies. These stakeholders represent diverse professional backgrounds, including business, IT, and EDI specialists. Achieving a common understanding can be a significant challenge.

Each member of our team possesses proficiency across a wide range of subjects, which aids coordination:

  • Technical: IT and EDI-related standards and practices.
  • Business: deep understanding of organizational requirements and limitations.
  • Interpersonal: communication and coordination within an international context.

We extend our support beyond the virtual boundaries of responsibilities, reaching out to your partner’s business staff or IT providers to assist them in resolving any issues on their end. This approach not only accelerates the project but also helps prevent surprises after the go-live phase.


Our Experience

Our team is working in the retail and distribution sector for 25 years. We have specialized in B2B integration and back-office automation since 2015. We have deployed 380 connections (document flows) with 150 partners from Europe and Asia, and we have worked with over 30 major EDI providers. Read more about us.


Accelerate the Integration of Your Partners

Consider us your EDI team, seamlessly integrated into your company. We focus on the same objectives and work closely with your business and IT teams, to automate your back-office processes based on the data.

Lets talk about how we can help.


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