About: How We Work

We Work At the Intersection of Business and IT


Solvedi main activity is full management of your existing EDI platform. We take care of every business and technical aspect.

Comprehensive EDI Support in Collaboration With Your Teams

  • We manage all EDI-related communication between various parties, including business departments, IT, and EDI providers, both within your company and at your business partners side.
  • We act on behalf of your company.
  • We use your existing EDI tools, eliminating the need for you to make any changes to your IT system.
  • In addition, we use our own tools to monitor all documents.
  • In case of errors, we coordinate all stakeholders until the issue is solved.
  • We get to the heart of the problem, to prevent it in the future.

How We Improve the Quality of Data?

  • We integrate our in-house tools into the communication chain.
  • All documents are automatically checked to identify errors that may go unnoticed by other systems.
  • If necessary, we perform manual analysis.
  • Documents with critical errors are blocked.
  • We continuously adjust our system to address new and recurring issues.

Technical Maintenance

In addition to ensuring the quality of transmitted documents, we also take care of the technical maintenance of the EDI platform and contact points, including supervision of data integration within internal ERP system.

What Do We Need to Begin?

  • A company email account for communicating with partners on behalf of your organization.
  • Access to the systems provided by your EDI provider and to your internal systems involved in the EDI exchange.
  • Integration of our tools into the EDI flow.

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