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From Streamlined Processes to Strategic Advantage

in business | Reading time: 3 minutes

Not every EDI implementation will bring the same financial benefits. What strategies can be employed to maximize the return of investment?

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How to implement EDI?

in introductory, guides | Reading time: 7 minutes

How to implement Electronic Data Interchange in your organisation - practical information for those without any previous experience.

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Don't Implement e-Invoices This Way

in business | Reading time: 4 minutes

One large company decided to implement electronic invoicing. The project was entrusted to the IT department, with the participation of accounting department…

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What is EDI?

in introductory | Reading time: 3 minutes

In our practice, we often encounter a misunderstanding of what EDI is. In this article, I explain in simple language what EDI is all about and what benefits its implementation should bring.

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AS2 file transfer for EDI - practical implementation guide

in technical, guides | Reading time: 11 minutes

AS2 protocol is commonly used as transport of EDI files. This article will help you to decide how to setup an AS2 server to exchange electronic documents with your commercial partner.

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EDI Glossary

in introductory, technical | Reading time: 6 minutes

EDI specialists often use specific terms, which are difficult to understand. Here are some of them, explained as simply as possible.

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