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Solve Your EDI Issues Using Our Experience

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With over 20 years of experience in IT applications for retail and distribution, we are well-equipped to assist you in managing your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) project.


New to EDI?

If your company has no or little experience with EDI, we will help you to choose and implement the optimal solution:

  • compare the offer of EDI service providers or select a software for self-managed EDI,
  • help your business and IT teams to understand your partner’s requirements, EDI guidelines and implement the right data imports/exports.

We may also support your external IT provider who is in charge of your ERP system to quickly implement EDI.


Already Got EDI System or Provider?

Solve recurrent issues

Your company has got already an EDI system, but the results of data integration with your commercial partners are dissapointing? We’ll help you to identify the weak points and improve the system. What we do:

  • make an audit of existing data exchange,
  • measure the level of back-office processes automation,
  • specify improvements in your ERP system,
  • implement new EDI documents or change existing guidelines,
  • optimize the cost of your existing EDI system.


Change your EDI provider

Vendor lock-in is a well known issue with EDI service providers: once you’ve deployed several dozens of partners, it is difficult to switch to another EDI provider. With our “EDI router” software we’re able to progressively migrate your commercial partners from one service provider to another.


Validation of EDIFACT message compliance

Accelerate the test phase of EDI onboarding projects. Our EDI Validator tool will check compliance of your partner’s EDIFACT message with your guidelines:

  • general EDIFACT syntax,
  • presence of segments which are mandatory within your guidelines,
  • validation of business data, for example: calculation errors in the invoice.

Your partner can send his EDIFACT message to a specific email address and he will receive immediately a list of corrections to be done. Request a demo.


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